Should vaccines be administered together or separately?

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BCG SSI Denmark BCG from birth live
RotaTeq RV from 6 w to 33 w live

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Can they be administered on the same day?

Vaccines can be administered on the same day to different areas of the body.

Instructions for the BCG tuberculosis vaccine may contain outdated recommendations on administration on a separate day, and even maintain an interval of 1 month with most other vaccines. In this case, this recommendation must be implemented for legal reasons. Although from a medical point of view, the usual recommendations should be applied to BCG as a live injectable vaccine.

How long to wait if they are administered on different days?

The vaccine can be administered any other day
You don't need to wait a certain number of days from one vaccination to get vaccinated with another vaccination.
The next vaccination can be administered on any day, even the next day.

Together with the already selected vaccines, you can combine more – select a vaccine
+ ActHib+ Adacel+ Adacel Polio+ Afluria Quadrivalent+ Algavak+ Ambirix+ Avaxim 160+ Avaxim 80+ BCG Bulgaria+ BCG India+ BCG Poland+ BCG USP+ Bexsero+ Bivak Polio+ Boostrix+ Boostrix Polio+ Bubo-Kok+ Cervarix+ Covaxis+ DT Biolik+ DTwP Biolik+ DTwP India+ Daptacel+ Diftet DT+ Encepur+ Encepur children+ Encevir+ Engerix-B for adults+ Engerix-B for children+ Eupenta+ Euvax-B+ Fendrix+ Flu-M+ Flu-M Tetra+ FluLaval Quadrivalent+ FluMist Quadrivalent+ Fluad+ Fluarix Tetra (Quadri)+ Flublok Quadrivalent+ Flucelvax Quadrivalent+ Fluenz Tetra+ Fluzone Quadrivalent+ GC Flu+ GC Flu Quadrivalent+ Gardasil+ Gardasil 9+ Grippol Plus+ H-B-Vax-II+ HBVax Pro+ Havrix-1440+ Havrix-720+ Hepatyrix+ Hexaxim+ Hexyon+ Hiberix+ Imovax Polio+ Imovax Rabies+ Indirab+ Infanrix+ Infanrix Hexa+ Infanrix IPV+ Infanrix IPV Hib+ Infanrix Penta+ Influsplit Tetra+ Influvac+ Influvac Tetra+ Ipol+ Ixiaro+ Kinrix+ Kleshch-E-vak+ MMR VaxPro+ MMR-II+ Menactra+ Menitorix+ Menveo+ NeisVac-C+ Nimenrix+ Pediarix+ PedvaxHib+ Penta Hib+ Pentabio+ Pentacel+ Pentavac+ Pentaxim+ Pneumovax 23+ Polimileks+ Polio Sabin+ Poliovaccine SSI+ Prevenar-13+ Prevenar-20+ Priorix+ Priorix Tetra+ ProQuad+ Quadracel+ RabAvert+ Rabipur+ Rabivax-S+ Recombivax HB+ Regevak-B+ Repevax+ Rotarix+ Rotavac+ Shingrix+ Sovigripp+ Stamaril+ Synflorix+ Td Biolik+ Td India+ Tenivac+ Tetract-Hib+ Tetravac+ Tetraxim+ TicoVac (FSME-Immun)+ TicoVac Junior (FSME-Immun for children)+ Triaxis+ Trimovax+ Trumenba+ Twinrix+ Typhim VI+ Ultriks Kvadri+ Vaqta+ Varilrix+ Varivax+ Vaxelis+ Vaxigrip+ Vaxigrip Tetra+ Vaxneuvance+ Verorab+ Vianvak+ Vivaxim+ YF-Vax+ Zostavax

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