• makes an individual schedule based on the history of previous vaccinations
  • prompts you when and what to get vaccinated with
  • selects schemes for children and adults
  • scheduled and additional vaccinations
  • can send notifications
  • extended information about vaccines
  • simple, nice, clear


Vakarta saves time and nerves

The extended schedule that adapts to you and your child.
Created by a doctor with love for patients.

I've created Vakarta as a modern and concise way to understand vaccination issues. Your health and your life are priceless, so I want you to have proper protection against infections. Vakarta will help you control your vaccination without effort.


The civilized world defines human life as the highest value. Every life is priceless, regardless of age. The world around us is real. And we ourselves influence the life every time we make a choice.


Health is not just the absence of disease or physical defects, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. You would never trade the health of your relatives for anything. Healthy children and loved ones are an important part of happiness.


Death and disability as a result of diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles, meningitis, polio have been common for thousands of years. Relatively recently, medicine has learned to protect you from many deadly infections. Even our great-grandmothers had difficulty predicting their future. Only for the last hundred years, we have not been giving birth to many children "just to be on the safe side".


It is vaccination that is the best way to get rid of the risks of terrible infections. You may be afraid of injections. You may be confused about the details of immunization, the shift in the vaccination schedule. That's why Vakarta can help you make sure your family is protected in a few clicks.

Vaccination is easy. Vakarta.


There are automated hotel booking and taxi booking services, online banking around us. Patients have repeatedly asked if there is anything similar about vaccination. There is something, but it is incomplete or dependent on pharmaceutical companies. So I've created it the way I and the patients wanted.

The way it works

Vakarta works based on international vaccination recommendations. An individual vaccination schedule for children and adults is available. Depending on the history of vaccinations, Vakarta shows when and what to vaccinate next. Vakarta allows you to control both scheduled and additional vaccinations. Extended information on each vaccine is also provided.


Vakarta has worked for free for more than a year, ie I supported all server and software components at my own expense. While maintaining independence from vaccine manufacturers and clinics, a small fee has been introduced in order to enter new records of vaccinations.


$ 0

recommendations for children and adults
recommendations for pregnants
saving of vaccination history
information about every vaccine
creating reminders

Health is priceless

$ 7.9 – per half-year

or $ 11.9 – per year

There is a possibility to extend access free of charge.

enter the vaccinations made
payment is one for all family members
ads will also be disabled
$ 0 – if you don't enter new records
$ 0 – first few vaccination records
to figure out how it works

Vakarta – vaccination card. Your. Personal.

Recommendatory score NPS 94%
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AstraZeneca: Ковішилд / Vaxzevria / SKBioBharat Biotech: CovaxinCanSino: ConvideciaGamaleya: Sputnik VH-B-Вакс-IIHB-Вакс ПроJanssen / Johnson&J.: JcovdenModerna: SpikevaxNovavax: NVX-CoV2373Pfizer / BioNTech: ComirnatySinopharm: BBIBP-CorVSinovac: CoronaVacІФ-ВаксІксіароІмовакс ПоліоІмовакс РабієсІндірабІнфанриксІнфанрикс ІПВІнфанрикс ІПВ HibІнфанрикс ГексаІнфанрикс ПентаІнфлувакІнфлувак ТетраІнфлуспліт ТетраІполАДП БіолікАДП-м ІндіяАДП-м БіолікАКДП ІндіяАКДП БіолікАваксим 160Аваксим 80АдасельАдасель ПоліоАктХібАльгавакАмбіріксАфлуріа КвадрівалентБЦЖ SSI ДаніяБЦЖ USPБЦЖ ІндіяБЦЖ БолгаріяБЦЖ ПольщаБексероБубо-КокБустриксБустрикс ПоліоБівак ПоліоВакселісВакснеувансВаксігрипВаксігрип ТетраВактаВаріваксВарілриксВерорабВіанвакВіваксимГардасилГардасил 9ГексаксимГексіонГепатириксГриппол ПлюсДаптасельДжіСі ФлюДжіСі Флю КвадрівалентДіфтет ДТЕнджерикс-B дитячийЕнджерикс-B дорослийЕнцевірЕнцепурЕнцепур дитячийЕувакс-BЕупентаЗоставаксКвадрасельКлещ-Е-вакКоваксісКінриксММР ВаксПроММР-IIМенактраМенвеоМеніториксНеісВак-CНіменриксПедваксХібПедіариксПента ХібПентабіоПентавакПентаксимПентасельПневмовакс 23ПолімілексПоліо СабінПоліовакцина SSIПревенар-13Превенар-20ПроКвадПріориксПріорикс ТетраРабАвертРабівакс-СРабіпурРегевак-BРекомбівакс HBРепеваксРотаТекРотавакРотариксСинфлориксСовігрипСтамарилТвінриксТенівакТетравакТетраксимТетракт-ХібТримоваксТруменбаТріаксісТікоВак (ФСМЕ-Імун)ТікоВак Джуніор (ФСМЕ-Імун дитяча)Тіфім ВІУльтрикс-КвадріФендриксФлуадФлуарікс Тетра (Квадрі)Флю-МФлю-М ТетраФлюМіст КвадрівалентФлюаваль КвадрівалентФлюблок КвадрівалентФлюенц ТетраФлюзон КвадрівалентФлюсельвакс КвадрівалентХаврикс-1440Хаврикс-720ХібериксЦервариксШингрікс